Major Changes to Free Sample Freak

Over the next few days you might notice some major changes. For one..I am in the process of switching from Blogger to Wordpress due to all of the problems that Blogger and Internet Explorer have together. This will be a change for the better and I am very excited. I will also have a new design which I am also excited about. =D
Be prepared sometime in the next few days for Free Sample Freak to be "temporarily down" for a few hours at some point. Hopefully these changes will occur in the evening when most people are in bed. =D I will continue to post until the "down time" and I will begin to post immediately after the "down time" is over! Have no fear...Free Sample Freak is here!

If you can still get on...view me at www.freesamplefreak.blogspot.com temporarily

UPDATE: Everything is taking place as we speak....My domain has been transferred and my blog, Free Sample Freak, will be switched over today, but not yet complete. There will be changes going on to the template, etc, all day! I will be posting some things for you this morning to keep you occupied. Keep using www.freesamplefreak.blogspot.com until I let you know that my "move" is complete. =D Thanks for your patience! -Brandie


Sweet Serendipity said...

Congrats on the move. I hope all goes well! I have been contemplating a move myself. Bought a domain name and started setting up my WP account. Have to say, I'm scared, lol. WP seems so different to me. I don't "get it" yet. I'm slow like that, lol.

I wish you luck and can't wait to see your new digs ;D


candace said...

how exciting! Can't wait to see the new layout and design!

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